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Business machines and accessories are vital components for day-to-day business activities, agendas, and tasks. Without equipment such as labelling, binding, laminating, and shredding machines, many tasks would be left unfinished. Office machines and accessories, such as labelling machines, make identification quick and easy by properly labelling files, equipment, and storage boxes. Other equipment, such as binding machines, help create instruction manuals, booklets, and pamphlets which provide crucial information for the staff and the public. COS also offers product ranges such as calculators, paper trimmers, folding machines, and typewriter ribbon. No matter what industry your business niche is in, office machines and accessories make project completion a daily reality. We simply cannot deny how these products add value to our work day. We understand that every business has different needs and requirements for office machines and accessories. Our wide range of products is sure to have what you need to keep your staff busy and your business booming.