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Students at any level ranging from preschool to college rely on quality education supplies to complete assigned tasks effectively and efficiently. COS offers a range of education supplies specifically aimed at enhancing learning potential with quality writing instruments, text book accessories, notepads, crafts, and paints.  Our drawing and writing instruments consists of lead pencils, coloured pencils, crayons, pastels, coloured markers, and chalk. We also have a line of pencil cases to protect them from becoming lost, damaged, or simply dishevelled inside a backpack. Textbooks can be costly so our range of book coverings are perfect to keep them in great condition. Select our lecture pads for easy note taking. And for those creative projects, enjoy our range of crafts and paints to really add colour to your projects. Education supplies are especially important for teachers and other faculty. They are needed for grading papers, curriculum planning, and creating handouts for easy reference. Education supplies make school life much easier allowing you to focus on the lesson and tasks at hand.