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Office products can mean anything from lanyards to scissors! An office simply cannot function without them. Office professionals are typically very busy individuals and rarely think about the everyday office products that are used daily. If you need to combine a stack of paperwork, you simply reach for the stapler or paper clip tray. When you need to jot down a quick reminder, you don’t think twice about grabbing a post-it note or notepad and pen. If we eliminated all of these items from assisting us in completing our tasks, we would be completely lost. To ensure you never run out of the office products you need, COS has an extensive range to choose from. For more effective business presentations, liven up the training room with flipchart pads, magnetic buttons, and whiteboards. Looking to organize a cluttered desk? Consider accessories such as document trays, drawer tidies, and memo holders. We even have a range of office products specifically aimed at sprucing up your office interior design! Whatever your needs are, COS is sure to have everything you can think of to promote a smooth work flow.