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Although the world today is technologically advanced in the use of digital communications, paper is still a vital component to maintaining a successful business. Without it, we could not have hard copies. Hard copies are crucial for every business because maintaining accurate records, along with a stellar filing system, is pivotal for keeping information on-hand. Our range includes white and coloured copy reams for everyday use in copy machines and printers. For other office equipment such as adding machines, printing calculators, and registers, COS offers several options in machine rolls. Some jobs require a print with a quality, professional finish. For these cases, choose from our specialty range that includes parchment paper, high gloss paper, and photo transfer. For larger jobs, we have a wide format line specifically designed for substantial projects requiring specialty papers such as bond and tracing. Whether you’re looking for an everyday paper to carry out daily tasks, or specialty rolls to take care of extensive jobs, COS has what you need in our quality paper range.