Social Responsibility

In a world of constant change, one thing is for certain, we all have the power to influence and to make a positive impact. Life and business are not mutually exclusive for us at COS. We’re a family run business and since opening our doors over forty years ago, we have worked together to use our influence for positive change.

We Give Back

We’re passionate about sharing our success with our fellow Australians, we are committed to supporting local Australian charities focused on human welfare, through the Lyone Foundation.

With our customers support, COS® has pledged over $6million to the Lyone Foundation so far. And with your ongoing support, we pledge a further $1m minimum per year, to support local Australian charities.

The Lyone Foundation was created in 2013 as the legacy of the Lyone family after their journey from Egypt to Australia. The Foundation allows the family to repay the kindness and support they received on their arrival in Australia, providing them with a platform to thrive in their new country.

By choosing COS® you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Find the latest news on the Foundation and donations here.

“Every one of our customers, however large or small, has contributed to the growth and success of the Lyone Foundation. By engaging with COS you can make a direct difference to the lives of others.” ~ Dominique Lyone

Indigenous Engagement

We are excited to be part of a positive movement creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their communities, businesses and suppliers. Our Indigenous brands are hand-picked for their strong commitment to giving back within local communities and our range has grown to include office stationery, copy paper and kitchen supplies.

Muru Range

Muru Range

Muru Group is the only Indigenous owned and operated office products company in Australia. Muru is exclusive to COS®, and committed to creating a pathway for future generations.

yaru water

Yaru Water

Yaru Water is a social enterprise that tells an important cultural story, whilst creating better health outcomes for Indigenous communities through the Yaru Foundation.

Corporate Connect.AB

Corporate Connect.AB

Featuring the stunning artwork of Aboriginal artist Keith Brown, all purchases from this collection goes towards the Indigenous community, to enhance social and economic conditions.

“Each purchase of a Muru product provides direct social and economic support to Indigenous communities.”

Supporting Social Enterprise

The decision to buy from a social enterprise can deliver huge benefits to individuals and communities and is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of disadvantage and strengthen Australian communities. The power of buying socially means that every time goods and services are bought from a social enterprise, positive change is also created.


Social Traders enable social procurement contracts with their businesses and government members and work with social enterprises to increase capacity and access to new opportunities.

To date, Social Traders has facilitated more than $30 million in sales for social enterprises with businesses and government members.

Social Traders certification is the only social enterprise certification in Australia that recognises the diversity of social enterprise forms across ownership structures and models of impact. By 20201, social Traders goal is to generate 1,500 jobs for disadvantaged Australians.

Their unrivalled experience working with social procurement buyers has given them a privileged position to inform and support social enterprises to new growth opportunities across a broad range of industries.



Fairtrade ANZ is an active member of the global Fairtrade system and works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade fair by securing a better deal for farmers and workers.

who gives a crap

Who Gives A Crap

Making super-soft, 100% recycled toilet paper, and donating 50% of profits to rebuild toilets in the developing world. Good for your bum and great for the world!


Thank You

Owned solely by the Thankyou Charitable Trust. Thankyou commits 100% of profits to fund sustainable development projects, with the goal of ending glob al poverty in this lifetime.

Eco-Conscious Operation

Together with our large customer and supplier network, we’re developing smarter, more sustainable solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and other environmental impacts. Our goal is zero emissions, and we’ve already made significant progress towards this goal by installing hundreds of solar panels across our warehouses giving us the industry’s largest solar farm.

Eco-conscious Range
Eco Conscious Range

We offer an expansive range of eco-conscious products designed to make sustainable choices easy and part of your every day life. All it takes is just a few small changes to create real, positive change, and reduce the harmful effects businesses can have on the environment.

Our Suppliers
Our Suppliers

We scrutinise every element of our supply chain and only work with socially responsible suppliers committed to meeting our sustainability criteria. Working with our suppliers to reduce plastic has helped us to remove over 27,000 pieces of plastic across the COS private label range in the last year.

Our Logistics
Our Logistics

With a vision of sustainable logistics, we are tackling these issues across our operations:

  • Our fleet upgrade now produces 70% less carbon
  • Our solar farm has saved an equivalent of 5000 trees
  • Paperless picking has saved 130 trees
  • We have increased our waste to recycling ration by 4%

Environmental Certification

  • EU Ecolabel

    EU Ecolabel

  • Good Environmental Choice Australia

    Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)

  • Australian Certified Organic

    Australian Certified Organic



  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

    Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

  • Fairtrade


  • Rainforest Alliance

    Rainforest Alliance

  • UTZ Certified

    UTZ Certified

  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)



  • CRI




Confirm the factory is not employing underage staff, workers are in a healthy/sanitary environment, and wages are paid in line with labour laws?


What materials are being used and where are they sourced from?


What type of machines are being used and what are the carbon emissions?

Mother Nature

What impact is the manufacturing process having on the surrounding environment – either through the sourcing, physical production or waste disposal of the factory?


What manufacturing and waste disposal processes are used in the factory? Are they efficient and do they have minimal impact on the surrounding environment?

Ethical Sourcing

At COS, we place a high level of importance on the behaviour of our total supply chain, as we believe this is where we can make the most significant impact. A core focus of managing our relationships with suppliers is ensuring they share our commitment to social and environmental responsibilities.
COS places preference with suppliers practicing ethically responsible methods of sourcing and manufacturing whilst maintaining world best practice labour standards.