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Every business has some level of hazards and risks involved in its everyday activities. From a small harmless spill to a large chemical catastrophe, every business should be well-equipped to handle every type of emergency with the utmost attention on workplace health and safety. Workplace health and safety should be the number one goal when considering the type of gear accessible for every foreseeable risk. At COS, we know you have everyone’s personal safety in mind and we are here to provide the essentials you need to ensure the workplace remains healthy and safe. When considering workplace health and safety gear, select from our range designed to protect the eyes, ears, hands, clothing, nose, and head. Safety cones and barricades are also available at COS to appropriately warn bystanders and passers-by of potential hazards. Ladders and step stools should be readily available  and should minor injuries occur on-the-job, first aid kits and supplies should be well-stocked and located in conspicuous areas for quick, easy access.